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Your H&R revolver is a Third Model, Automatic ejecting, 6th variation, .32 S&W Long. It is a 20th century revolver, ca 1934. The inscription on the top of the barrel should in two lines be exactly (HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS CO.)(WORCESTER,MASSACHUSETTS,U.S.A.). These revolvers were generally chambered for the .32S&W Long cartridge. If so, the more modern .32 H&R Magnum will not chamber. The shorter .32 S&W cartridge will, of course, chamber. Your gun should be safe to fire with factory ammo of either length. The S&W Long will give you about 650 fps with a 98 grain bullet. The main thing to check before firing is the timing. A single action cock should give a chamber aligned with the barrel and this is easily verified visually. If the chamber is not quite aligned you can rotate it further by hand and it should stop positively and be in alignment. The gun can them be fired but get your hand away from the cylinder and cylinder gap before you do.
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