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Jim Watson
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A friend is a pro Kydex bender, dba Ready Tac holsters.
He has a lot of specialized and adapted equipment for the work.
Numerous templates for different guns and types.
A jigsaw to cut material to shape from his $$$ stock of Boltaron.
Shelves of dummy and real guns to mold to.
Lots of tape and wood shapes to fill in places that would form undercuts.
A carpenter's vise with thickly padded jaws.
A toaster oven and a heat gun.
A small belt sander and a hand grinder with sanding drum.
Stock of screws, T nuts, and capped grommets.

He also does leather and canvas work, mostly NSSA gear but he teamed up with a pro leather worker to produce a neat pancake for a pistol with red dot, completely shrouding the dot.
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