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Leather has one big advantage over the plastic holsters though. It's doesn't take any special equipment to make a leather holster.
Kydex (plastic), holster making requires tin snips and a heat source like a readily available heat gun. Leather holsters require leather-working tools as, utility knife, skiver, leather awl, stitch-spacing wheels (or "pickle fork spacing tools), heavy threads used to sew, beeswax, edge burnishing tools, glycerine (to aid in burnishing the edges), as well as needles unique to leatherworking, dyes, embossing or carving tools, snaps, buckles, rivets, punches, etc. In short, I have made leather holsters and one kydex holster (Albeit for my cell phone, not for a gun.) and I have way more invested in leather working tools and equipment than I had to get for kydex forming.

I attempted to post a link to a picture of one of my holsters, but Photobucket has pulled a fast one, holding my photos hostage (blurred and stamped), until I "upgrade" (A.K.A., send money), so I will not be posting any photos that they are holding hostage.

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