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I'd think hard about a CZ given you already have one.

What is your budget?
1. Try the base models out at the range. Sig 320 / M17 and Walther PPQ M2 (this assumes you can't rent the X5 / Q5.

2. Both have good competition versions. Both came out this year with heavy weight versions that can be used for production (Legion, Q5 Steel Frame). My new tungsten grip makes my X5 exactly 41.9 ounces heh heh(max is 42).

3. Also look at HKs. I am not as familiar with them but they are excellent pistols.

4. M&P, Glock and XDM make good base competition pistols to tweek to taste. However as #2 notes, Sig and Walther stepped up their weight to equal the CZ guys and frankly weights matter. Having said that I would not be surprised if these come out with tungsten grips in the next year (assuming no election year freakout).

Edit; first time I heard of a fellow Burwell M&P guy. After a few thousand rounds my trigger was 2.5lb.
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