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USPSA Firearm Choice

Hey everyone, would love your thoughts.

I'm just getting into USPSA and intend to compete in the Production division. I have a CZ P01 that I love and will be competing with to start... until I decide what I really want to compete with and then I'll buy that.

That's what my question is about.

I'm very familiar with the CZ 75 pattern and originally assumed that I would get a Shadow 2 as my "competition gun"... however, the more I think about it, it doesn't make sense to handicap myself with a double action first shot on every string if I don't have to. Would I be better off going with a Sig 320X or Wather PPQ or something (not gunna be a Glock) so that I avoid having to double action the first shot?

Or am I over-thinking this?

In God we trust.
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