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Real duelers seldom had all the brightwork of this pair; browned or blacked iron furniture, not shiny brass that might glint in your eye in the dawn light.
I think we are seeing a travel set of coach defense pistols.

Target sights were deprecated, you were not supposed to take murderous aim at your opponent.
Rifling was disallowed by the Clonmel Code, but there are pistols out there with "invisible rifling" that does not carry all the way to the muzzle.
Likewise "hair triggers" (single set) were also considered unsporting.
And the maximum caliber was .50; give the loser a chance of recovery.
The famous Hamilton-Burr Wodgdon pair broke most of these conventions, nice crisp sights for the aim, foreend weight for steadiness, set trigger to break the shot, .54 caliber to blow out your liver. I can't find if they were rifled.
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