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OK--you guys may laugh at this; but what I discovered eventually was that for all the truing I do--my bipod, which is apparently adjustable for cant, was simply shifting under recoil. Umm yes, I didn't think of something that obvious.

Yesterday I went out to shoot my 338 Lapua and finally gave upon the cheap bubble levels I bought--(actually $25 a pop isn't so cheap, but relative to accuracy at long range the take-away lesson for me it's worth it to spend the extra money on a good set-up). The lower level on my rail simply blew out from the housing, and the level my scope continues the annoying habit of the bubble reproducing itself into smaller bubbles. I suppose I deserve it since I violated my own golden rule of "never buy Chinese-made optics."

I'm currently interested in the "send-it" digital level--any comments/experience with one?
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