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I'm beginning to realize that there might be other factors can creep into the setting true process which may or may not be a factor (I could be off my rocker too in my speculations, just food for thought):

1. As much as I appreciate the close-up through the objective technique; it requires taking the magnification and parallax settings down to the "minimal use" end which may not necessarily track as reliably or accurately as the scope's more "likely" range of settings, even the cut of the lens may possibly come into play (?).

2. It's not uncommon for me to have the POI for a group to shift simply as a result of a change of hold technique--for example changing from bags on a bench to prone with a bipod. I tend to "hover from above" when leveling and making the changes--only periodically looking through the scope to check the true during the setting process--it occurs to me that in the truing process you might need to "simulate" your intended actual shooting position as closely as possible, cheek weld, trigger hold etc (?).
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