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me too

Leveling a scope is a troublesome task for me too. And much of what S-panther describes has appeared in my troubles. Looks good in the den, at the range, the dang thing is canted, usually right. I've gotten to the point that I do not snug a new rig up till I have it outdoors. I also will pass the rifle to another pal or shooter and ask if the scope seems square. Eventually it gets to where I'm satisfied.

Plumb line, bubble level on the rails, done all that, seldom does it all line up for me and what I see through the scope. It has been suggested I have some type of vision problem. I also may mount the rifle a tad canted shot to shot.

Just recently I put a scope on a rifle for bamaboy. We took it to the range....he sets down behind the gun, takes one look......"I can tell you mounted this scope" . I look through it.......canted left. I SWEAR that dang thing was square the night before in the den. Luckily we had tools, and loosened everything up and got it right. Tracks well vertically too I'll add.

But it was the usual hassle......I hate the task.
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