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Good thread!

I have a friend who uses the same GS to bore scope all his rifle scopes.
Every time when we go to sight-in,
his scope cross hairs are canted and do not bisect to bore.
So I've now got some ideas to share with him.
1st of which will be to try a different GS.
The vast majority of GS's are set up to get their main product out the door--which usually means a minute-of-deer rifle with a 3 x 9 duplex scope. I wouldn't leave anything demanding precision to a GS--unless that is what they are known for; and you are willing to pay for it.

I've been trying out Berger match-grade vld's lately--my pet theory is that Berger makes them to exclusively work well in only Bryan Litz's rifles' bores (just kidding in case you read this )--but the typical ladder stuff isn't bringing joy--and I realize that jump to lands is the most important variable when developing loads with the vld's. So what I'm going to do is develop charge ladder--looking only for the best SD's; and then do the Berger jump-to-lands ladder to see what--if any--brings happiness to my rifle.
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