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There's a lot of things that can go wrong when mounting a scope. There are several things that need to be checked during the process. The first thing I do is to find the level point of the action. Sometimes I have to remove the stock to keep it from interfering with the level point.

I use the Wheeler leveling kit so that once I find and verify the level point I can transfer that to the barrel and then check my mounts or rail to make sure they are level and true to the receiver. You would be surprised how often they are not and need bedding to correct them.

Once I know that my rings are as true to the bore as I can get them, I lap them to make sure the scope fully seats into the rings and that there is no binding. Some people don't agree with lapping rings but I think that's more that they don't want to buy the lapping tools rather than understanding why it's done.
Once I'm done with all that I mount the scope, adjust for correct eye relief and torque the mounts to the recommended specs. Typically that's 15 to 17 inch lbs. I then loosen the screws equally and hang my plumb line with a black dot on the wall that I'll use to align the barrel with. I either use a laser bore sight or remove the bolt and look through the barrel and align the center of the bore with the black dot. I use the barrel mounted level to ensure that my rifle is level and then I turn the scope so that the cross hairs are aligned with the plumb line. I often adjust the scope windage at this time also since it is easier to see small differences.

Once everything is lined up through the center of the rifle bore I snug the rings equally and re-check. If everything is good then I torque to specs and consider it ready to go to the range for an initial 25 yard sight in.

Many will disagree with the need to be this anal about mounting a scope and that's fine. I do it because it make me feel warm and fuzzy I guess.

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