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What I normally do: after scope is set on the rifle with rings loose around the scope. Clamp the rifle in a bench vise, put a bubble level on the rifle rail and level rifle, clamp the rifle down so it's very snug, 6 to 15 feet away on a wall hang a plumb bob or use a good level and draw a line on the wall, dim the lighting and shine a bright flashlight thru the scope from the objective end, this will cast your cross hairs onto the wall with the line or plumb bob, adjust your cross hairs accordingly, as you tighten the scope rings watch carefully that the rifle bubble level and scope cross hairs do not move. The above is assuming you have your eye relief for the scope set and other obvious things completed.
This should help eliminate your wind problem and prizm issue looking through glass. I hope this helps. I always do the tall target test after this to confirm scope and bore are true.
Thanks for that--and welcome to the forum. Pretty much what I did using the technique linestretcher recommended--though I have yet to do the tall target test to see how true tracking is. Conditions are pretty tough here at the moment--all the snow and ice is starting to melt and it's making a giant mess.
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