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HSBC said they did not receive an refund request as FWT said they requested. FWT is the problem. HSBC tried contacting FWT with no result. FWT isn't telling the truth because all purchases through their external credit processing system wouldn't work and they wouldn't be in business. Couple this with it's been over a month and only one email from FWT.

HSBC keeps sending me different emails to send this email to them because they haven't received any word from FWT on this being an inaccurate charge. For disputing a charge, HSBC is terrible. In a written email I was told to send the FWT email stating they couldn't refund to "[email protected]" which bounces back as deliverable in outlook and gmail.

I would be leery of intentionally buying something just to purposefully resell it without an intent to keep it. Plus, I can't get contact from FWT to even have this be an option. It would just be another charge I'd be responsible with HSBC to pay.

I've purchase every gun I own online. This is an absolute first. FWT doesn't answer their phone or respond to my emails.

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