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I'm not a banker or a lawyer.I can't give you "The answer"

If I understand correctly,you placed an order,to a firearm business,with a new credit card.The money went out of your account to the firearm company.

Then you canceled the order.

The firearm company tried to refund your money,but the credit card company refuses to do business with the firearm company.

The firearm company would like to refund,but they can't at this point.

Is that correct?

If the firearm company is willing to refund,they just lack the means,they aren't the problem. A friendly,civil phone call might be the answer.
In the Old Days,we wrote checks and sent them snail mail.
PayPal can transfer money. So can Western Union.

So long as there is a will,there is a way.You might review FWT's FAQ's.

The CC company...I guess you could go to your bank and ask for a meeting with a manager. Face to face sometimes works. They DID let the money go out.

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