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Online store ripping me off -- help?

I know, wrong thread and not our problem.

But I'm a contributor and I need help.

I made a purchase with I immediately cancelled the order May 7th with well wishes email back from FWT.


May 31st I receive this email (below--it's not true, don't feel false anger over the anti gun message). I look it up online, and I'm not the only one that doesn't get refunded. FWT is refusing to contact me now, more than a month after the cancelled order.

Unfortunately I hosed myself by using a new HSBC credit card. HSBC is totally refusing to help me with the dispute. They keep sending me email addresses to send the below documentation of the refund but all the address bounce their server.

What is a guy to do? What can a person do to a firearm company? Contact ATF?

I am reaching out to let you know that today we tried processing a refund for your order with us, and the transaction was declined.
There has been a very big push on the Credit Card processors to not do business with companies who sell firearms, and they are not allowing us to process refunds at this time.
This has caused a huge problem for us as well as our valued customers, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Since we are unable to process the refunds through the Credit Card processer we kindly ask that your credit card company cancels this transaction for your order. We know that this could negatively affect our company, but unfortunately our hands are tied.

We are so very sorry
Thank you for your understanding.
We hope that you have a wonderful day

-God Bless-

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