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That place there looks good. I like that dueling tree target. Does it re-set after a hit?
We have a pit range. Ground is flat, sides are easy 40' high on all sides, with entrance road curved and ramped. Have double bench-rest tables set-up at 100, 200 and 300yds. Could go further, but haven't saw the need in it so far. Have 2 pistol ranges, 1 is 25yds, the other is 50yds. Nothing special on targets or frames. We've had a really nice shooting house set-up with double bench-rests that accommodated a chrono on each side. But the neighborhood thugs tore it down one weekend. Put it up again, they hit it again.
We let it go for about 4 years and brought it back to life last year. I guess the little thugs either moved or they're in jail, either way, we've not had any other problems in the past year. I plan on putting in auto re-set targets. Going to build them, so I won't go into details on it.
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