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Do you have your own personal/home range?

I have had an archery range for 6 years but I have been tired of lugging a lot of my AR-500 steel targets.

I have a Texas Star and Dueling Tree which are quite heavy and cumbersome for lifting in and out of the car.

I checked with local laws and I have a bit of land so I set up my own range.

I have a Last Stands Target stand that has several sized AR-500 plates. The dueling tree which can be transported since it’s not too heavy (55 lbs). The Texas Star which would not be fun lugging to the range and calling for a cold range every other minute. I have a few other target systems such as Arntzen targets but I’m debating just bring those to the range versus keeping them outside.

Anyone else have their own range? I was inspired by Hickok45.

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