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Rohm RG 40 parts

Please forgive me if I missed this in another post. This is my first time on TFL, well my first post on any forum actually. Down to the business at hand. I have a Rohm RG 40 revolver chambered in 38 special that was left to me by a good friend at his final departure. It is missing the thumb button that releases the cylinder. It is also missing the screw that would hold it in place. I have tried to find the parts online but have been very unsuccessful. Could anybody here with all the great knowledge on tap please point me in the right direction? Does anybody know where to find parts? Does anybody know the thread type on the screw that holds it in place. If I knew the length and the thread pattern I might be able to fabricate something to funtrion in place of the actual part. I appreciate all info that you can spare.

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