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Once upon a time,I was helping my daughter learn to drive.Manual trans,Toy Tercel.
Making a left turn across oncoming 40 mph traffic.Things were pretty good till she killed the motor .

I'm saying sometimes,like with a loaded gun situation,adding stress and crisis to the situation is counterproductive.

What my daughter heard was a clear,calm,air traffic controller voice.

"Push in the clutch. Turn the key. First Gear? Give it quite a bit of gas.Let the clutch out till it goes.. OK,we made it,Good Job!!" Do you need to pull over a minute?"

Versus " OH @#%&@&& !! Are you trying to KILL US.!!?? What the $%%*&& are you doing??

The first one worked fine.

Sometimes,in a calm,clear voice."OK,I need for you to just stop,hold still,don't do anything. Now,please move your finger off the trigger,and out of the trigger guard. Alright,now,if you will notice,your gun is pointed at your foot,so please point it downrange in a safe direction. Very good!.
If you would,keep it pointed down range,and lets unload it for a minute,if you'll just remove the magazine and pull the slide back. Very good! May I double check? Great!. Lets set it on the table pointed down range,and talk a second....

The Sergeant Carter routine has a way of making ears close up,mind stop functioning,and dumb sudden moves happening.

In the military training environment,induced stress simulates fog of war.The idea is to be able to function as trained IN SPITE OF STRESS,not because of stress.

Generally,there are training deficits,and motivation deficits.

On the range,training deficits can be corrected in a calm,respectful manner.

Motivation deficit? Anyone who lacks the motivation to be safe and comply with range rules can motivate their....self..down the road.

There is a book "Mountaineering:Freedom of the Hills" Sort of the mountain climbers manual.They case study fatal accidents. One lesson,among a casual group of friends,with no leader..if it is everyones job,it is no one's job. Among friends,maybe no one says"Weather is not looking good.I do not like those clouds.We are turning back"
So people die.
Informal range,same situation. A) Gee,that guy just...Should I say something?
Or,B) Excuse me,sir,line is cold,please step back from the firing line.May get you: "Yeah? Who the heck are you? You don't tell me what to do!!" sort of a challenge.
A clear,responsible RSO is necessary

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