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the best rso's are veterans who know the importance of safety and have seen the results of poor leadership and control.

those that go thru rso training as civilians learn what military form is all about, but sometimes lack the veterans ability to size up a situation. a good leader knows when to smile and when to use his size 11 boot.

many rso's lack leadership or the right stuff to be rso's. but you cant fault them for being concerned and willing to help a range.

there is a certain line many cross where it becomes over management.

what I do is always introduce myself at a new range and make sure I know what to do.

this way if I screw up, he knows im at least trying.
hope this helps. an rso at my private skeet range. my wife was part of a turkey shoot with 5 wives on line. she shot and forgot to step back and open her pump and she started dancing around. I stuck my boot in her backside....and got her attention. then I called line cold to go forward.

the rest of the day, no one gave me trouble. :>
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