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The Bushnell Elite is out of my price range, even with my C&R. A mil/mil FFP is going to cost me even more - the Vortex Vipers or the Bushnell Tactical Elite 3-21 will run me $1000ish with C&R. By contrast, the Bushnell MTAC 3-10 will cost me about $350, and the 4.5-14 will run around $430.

I apologize, and should clarify a bit more. I could afford to get a $1000+ scope. If I absolutely KNEW what features I wanted, and what type of rifle shooting I'll enjoy the most, then I'd drop big bucks for a top notch scope and not look back.

The catch is, right now my wife and I casually plink; we talk about shooting our centerfire rifles more, and we look at different types of matches, but we don't know yet what kind of rifle shooting we would enjoy the most. I'm trying to get a more moderately priced scope, buy more ammo, shoot more, try out some different things, and only then make a decision about big bucks optics.

At least that's the theory
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