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Need help with scope selection

I need some assistance picking out a scope for a new FNAR I'm getting next week.

I have regular access to 100 to 300 yard ranges; extremely infrequently, I can get access to 500 and 750 ranges. I do not hunt; my shooting is strictly target practice, either prone or at a bench, and typically every couple weeks. Other constraints are:
  • I'm looking to stay at $500 or less; I can go a bit north of that, but only if the scope is an exceptional value.
    • A year or two from now I may look at a larger budget, but not now.
    • That price is for the scope only; the mount has a separate budget, and will be either a Burris PEPR, or a LaRue quick detach.
    • I do have a C&R, which helps pricing; of the assortment I listed, the highest priced one is about $530.
  • I want a mil/mil scope, both to estimate ranges and for the consistency between adjustment and reticle.
  • Good eye relief is a must.
  • This scope may eventually go on other rifles, so I don't want anything specific to a particular round; no BDC reticles or the like.
  • Given a choice, I prefer moderate specs of high quality rather than high specs of middling quality.
  • I've never had an illuminated scope, and have no preference one way or the other on it. I'm happy to be educated on the pros / cons.
So far, I'm considering (in rough order)Have I missed any other scopes worth consideration? Any of these outstandingly superior to the others?
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