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Original winchester model 1892??

This almost seems too good to be true, but I just got an old Winchester lever-action rifle from my grandfather and I was just curious about it. It is totally blank other than the serial number which is 20440, which according to a dating website makes it an original 1892 Winchester. There are no distinguishing marks on it or even the mention of Winchester anywhere. The gun is very plain looking with no decorative engravings. It is in really fantastic condition but was for sure used heavily by whoever owned it. It has some scuffs and scratches in the wood, but all of metal parts have a very uniform color to them. Overall the gun has a lot of character, but compared to other pictures I have seen is still in pretty good shape. I know it still fires and functions correctly and everything is still original on it.

But anyways is this website right? And if so what is the value on such a gun? Im not looking to sell it, but it would be an interesting thing to know. But yea any information you guys could possibly give me is appreciated. I really love this gun and would like to know more about it.
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