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I felt the same way years ago. But Florida gun exchange was no different until the manager found out i competed..Volusia Top Gun are very nice to deal with,they are building a new indoor range near automall on tomoka farms Rd,fully auto rentals,long gun range most calibers,archery range,its going to be huge. Tell PAUL,TERRY,PALMER OR BRITTNEY,vinnie referred you. They are really nice and gave me same glock blue program price so i wouldnt have to drive to BH police supply.

If you want to go to Hotshots to shoot with my misses and I,let me know we can meet up.there is a whole new staff. adam,jeff and mike are great guys. They still dont have a large selection of firearms. But anytime i needed to test a mag in my 1911s,Rommel would just give me one of his MEC-gars to test out. I even forgot my AR mags and he loaned me one so i wouldnt have to drive home to get them. Its a different place than it used to be i promise. They dont sponsor me or anything so im telling you as someone who also values great customer service. I didnt get a hello a few years back when i went in there,then on my way home from ormond decided to stop in for giggles and walked out buying a .38spl taurus model83 and .44mag S.B.H, in stainless steel 4.5" both for $450!
They added more lighting,better AC in range and more demo pistols.

PM me if you want to meet up,ill bring a couple 1911s and glocks and my M4.
Im going to stop by there today and see if anyone beat my record yet. They have brand new Don hume holsters (hidden) in that bargain price pile,i found a few and a bianchi $8! And a galco battlebelt for my misses for $5!

Pm me if you want to go make some noise.

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