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I have relevant identification out, my interior lights on, and my hands in plain view. I inform the officer I have a pistol (not "I have a gun") and ask him how he'd like to proceed. I've only been pulled over once while carrying, and the officer simply thanked my and asked me not to handle the weapon for the duration of the stop
Should you have to do that for fear of being shot by the police. I know here if i get stopped i can do all the sudden movements i want not comply with the officers instructions tell him where to go.( not that i would ) And have no fear or concern that i will be shot.

Training in not overacting, as i posted the police here have more reason to be wary of traffic stops than in America, but i have never seen a police officer approach a car with hand on firearm in the holster or drawn out of holster. Having said that there will always be at least two or more officers here they never patrol alone.

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