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You're just seeing one side of the story, and while it isn't complimentary to my brethren in blue, it's what passes these days for activism. Good for him. If he wants to roll up on DUI checkpoints with a camera rolling, then he should go for it.

I read the comments at the bottom of the linked page. Evidently, the kid didn't even file an AI complaint, he simply wanted to post a YouTube video telling his side of the story. Well, he did that, and like most YouTube videos, it isn't vetted, nor is it evidence. Without the complaint, it's nothing.

Were I the local sheriff, I'd probably investigate. I'd darn sure want to see the officer's report. Did the officer do anything wrong? I don't know, I've only seen one side of the story. Was the officer able to articulate his concerns? Were there exigent circumstances? Were they looking for a courier driving the same make/model/color of car?

Everyone at the linked page seems to be outraged. Okay, I get that, but I don't know the other side of the story. There are too many questions that are unanswered.
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