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I guess I'm lucky in that the company I work for pays a little better than your average security company, not great but better and fortunately for me it's not my only source of income.

My company is a little better than most in my area in that they allow us to carry (and be certified for) handguns, SHOTGUNS, pepper spray and baton. Obviously we don't/can't carry all of these at all posts due to client wishes, but the boss has even told us to carry defensive weapons covertly on certain high risk posts to defend ourselves. However, like most companies, if we were to use any such weapons we would be on our own, post incident. It is what it is I guess.

I actually like my job (I think you have to like the job to stay in the field for very long) and I'm glad that I have the prior training and experience to do my job safely. A lot of people in the field do not.

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