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Live and walk in areas with bears and large cats; normal is a 9mm H&K, and meeting up with three cats in the past few years, the 9 has been excellent. Just shoot into the ground in front of them and they take off. Bears, with two large dogs, they usually go about their business as I do. Best things to learn is do not surprise them and do not go near if there are cubs.

For the lions you don't see, it makes no difference what you are carrying, they will be on you before you know what's happening.

When I camp in grizzly area, which I do all the time (MT/WY) my normal carry is a .40 FN HC Buffalo bore 200 gr. Sometimes, if the area is noted to have active bears, my .44 with some 305 gr ammo.

At the campsite, I do have a 12 gauge loaded with 600 gr Brenneke black magic slugs.
I give MY OPINION (not often) based on many years shooting at, other than paper targets. I will not debate my experience vs. your experience based on dreams and "what ifs." I'm 73; I'm too damn old to care.
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