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try to forget it

Was on small town PD...

Spotted fellow wanted on several burglary and robbery warrants...called for backup....

He produces 22 caliber auto and starts firing...then runs.....hides behind tire store.

Of course, word got out over radio.....local deputy comes onto scene and gets smart...gonna "sneak" up on the culprit......gets himself gut=shot...and nearly died.

By now, it's myself and two other officers...all three Vietnam vets...we belly crawl up to the culvert where BG is likely hiding....we have squad car spotlights on the area.....we issue warning and ask him to come out....

Eventually, he does....SHOOTING....


I empty the contents of a custom built Model 28 S&W 357, other officer empties riot shotgun and third empties 38 cal revolver....(NOTE, THIS WAS BEFORE THE DEPARTMENTS WENT WITH SEMI-AUTOS)


But your question is what you were thinking, etc. Frankly, the three of us had wartime experience, had both military and civilian LEO training and the training kicked in. I don't recall having any real conscious thought except to take down the BG, stay close to the ground and go home that night!
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