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Originally Posted by 44 AMP
There is a significant difference between a relationship, and a cause/effect conclusion.

Correlation is not causation.
Understood. Which is why my statement included the word "maybe." However, if statistics following the passage on an anti-gun law (or three, or six) show NO decrease in violent crime, then I think it's fairly safe to say the law(s) didn't accomplish what they were [purportedly] intended to accomplish.

Let's not forget the original question that started this discussion:

Originally Posted by ammo.crafter
Since the mainstream media declines to print any news that may present private gun ownership in a positive view or the failure of gun control legislation to reduce crime, if anyone has crime vs legislation stats I would appreciate same.
If we know the date of passage of a law, the FBI stat can be used to compare crime rates before against crime rates after. It may not prove causation, but if there isn't even a correlation, then we've learned something.

Secondly, you can dig into the FBI stats beyond the state level, to get data on individual cities and metropolitan areas. By comparing the stats for states and cities with strict anti-gun laws against states and cities with "lax" gun control laws, we can at least see if there's a correlation. If the stats don't show a statistically significant correlation ... again, we've learned something.
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