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Powders do have a shelf life

I have a handful of powders gifted to me in the early 1990's that were 10+ years old then. I keep them because several of them are no longer made. Opening and taking a sniff will tell you when they are bad. Or discoloration. The U.S. military rotates ammo stores, and after loaded ammo is around 25 years shelf-old, they pull it apart and the powder is sold as surplus; it is called pulldown powder and is NOT labeled as new. I have had an 8lb jug of WC844 (H335) for 10 years. Plus 25 it sat in loaded ammo. It is still good to use, but always check when you open old powders.

One of my FAVORITE powders for the first 10 years of loading 308 and 223 was Data 223C, which was a bulk form powder from Accurate, that loaded the same as A2460. It is an excellent metering versatile powder. The first 8lb-er I used up. New 8 lb A2460 is on my list.

This place sells GI brass and a lot of powders in stock today. WC844 is $99 for 8lbs. but your order will be charged for HazMat shipping per order like all sellers must. They also have new pistol powders and other stuff.
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