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People have the most amazing excuses for not getting formal training . . . who cares if S&W Academy or the Sig Academy has selling their guns as part of their mission? I've attended classes from both organizations in the past, and they provided quality training. That's the only thing that matters.

I've attended training live fire to accustom the user to operating a weapon mounted light and laser, and I've gone to a few classes that were scenario based involving using WMLs in building searches.

As other people have noted, when you have a WML on a handgun you have to be careful where your muzzle is pointed -- searching is easier with a handheld light and shooting is easier with a WML.

When operating in a domestic defensive or law enforcement capacity having proper target identification is critical, so it's important to have a white light available to identify a threat. Engaging a burglar in your house is not exactly like house-to-house fighting in Mosul . . . .

One class I went to was a morning doing live fire on the range in low light with flashlights and WMLs and then in the afternoon we did some scenarios. They had a big variety of types of lights to try out.

Having a strobe feature on your light was popular for a while, the theory being the strobe would disorient your adversary when you shined the light in his eyes. That is true to some degree, but the strobe will also disorient YOU unless you've practiced with it a lot.
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