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With that said, a question that keeps popping into my mind has to do with how much higher capacity magazines contribute to "spray and pray" shooting in SD situations. I think that having so many available rounds to shoot in rapid succession would basically guarantee an increase in the chances of an innocent bystander getting hit.
Of all the arguments for and against higher capacity weapons, this one may be the most offensive to those of us who take self-defense and use of a firearm very seriously. It shows lack of understanding and reads like many of the diatribes from anti-gun politicians and other folks who think they know better what's best for me. Whether I have five, seventeen, thirty or more rounds available to lawfully defend myself may make the difference in my survival. Saying that I am more dangerous to those around me because I carry a higher capacity pistol is foolish, and adds to the chorus of those who would take my right to do so.
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