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Hawg . . . I had to laugh when I read your post in regards to filling the remainder of the chamber up with Crisco. Many, many years ago, when I got my first BP revolver (a '60 Army) I made that mistake . . . on a hot day. I can't even begin to describe the "runny mess" I had. I soon learned to just add a very little as you mention.

I do use a mixture of Crisco and beeswax now . . but to lube the wads I make to go between powder and ball. Since I make holsters, etc. as a hobby, I have plenty of scrap pieces. I primarily shoot Navies (Colt & Remmington) so I punch out the wads from leather for the .36. It really doesn't take long to do a couple of hundred in a sitting. I mix Crisco and beeswax - heat it until it liquifies in the microwave and then toss the leather wads in so it will soak in. I use a small strainer to remove and then put them out on a piece of newspaper and blot them with paper towel. They are lubed but not messy and I just carry 'em in an empty musket cap tin. They seem to work well and haven't; given me any problems.

I well remember the day though that I shot that '60 Army for the first time. By the time I was done shooting, I had more grease, gunk and fouling on me and my clothes than the gun had on it. At that time, at least for me, I decided that Crisco worked best for making pie crusts.
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