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I can't speak for all LEO's, but If a "kid" has a gun and the intent to use it, I shoot the kid. I think the example of an 8 year old with a gun and, I am assuming, violent criminal intent, is pretty extreme.
Perhaps a 12 or 13 year old is more realistic. We have seen kids that age with guns act violently over the past couple of years in highly publicized events. Those types of things are why I would like to have my kids carrying guns to defend themselves as soon as they were ready. Not to mention a few teachers packing protection at the same time.
If you think my daughters aren't going to have access handguns before they are 21, well.....[TFL does not advocate any actions that violate any local, state or federal firearms law].

Furthermore, if there was a situation, as an LEO or CCW, were I had to shoot a kid to save a life besides my own, I'd do that too. I might not be real happy about it and I might have to take some flak, but I sure hope that when the time comes I am thinking about acting effectively, not the age of my attacker.
If a kid is industrious enough to have a gun and violent intentions, then he is damn sure capable of having figured out that he is not acting properly.

Again, I am not looking at this as a "kid with a toy gun" scenario... or a 4 year old who "accidentally" is walking around with their trigger on the finger... I am thinking of an individual with a weapon that is trying to hurt/kill me or someone else.
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