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I switched from a Spyderco to a Cold Steel Voyager as my duty blade about 1 year ago. The cold steel is a fantastic blade. I've used it for everything from field dressing deer to cutting up my dinner to cutting the bumper off of a car. The blade holds an edge very well and is probably the easiest stainless steel blade I own to sharpen. The ATS34 steel used on the BM is top quality but I have found it to be difficult to work up a really good edge. The lock is extremely strong and I have never had it fail. I have the 4", half serrated Tanto blade but they also make clip points. You can get larger or smaller versions as well. Check out their web site ( I don't work for them, I'm just a very satisfied customer. I use my knives hard and will put my Cold Steel up against a Benchmade any day. (altough I might have to have one of those Strykers!)

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