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The topic of defensive ammo for a PCC has been largely overlooked for many, many years and no companies produce an ammo meant for PCC's.

Maybe Federal will in the future, they seem to always be the tip of the innovation spear. No pun intended.

As for what's out there right now, I have seen evidence that Hornady Critical Duty resists over expansion better than other hollow points. Lucky Gunner did do a video on ammo in PCC's and I mentioned this too them and Chris replied to me and said that he tried it and the results weren't much different that other ammo, so IDK.

My recommendation is use the heaviest bullet available for Critical Duty. It may work for you.

That said, another option is any of the solid bullets with fluted noses like Lehigh or Inceptor. Inceptor may actually be better because it's frangible and would be traveling at extreme high velocities and be less likely to penetrate multiple walls in a home while a solid piece of copper will.

The more I think about it, the more I think Inceptor would work very well considering it is so light and would be moving so fast that once it hits soft tissue it will start tumbling immediately and violently.

.40 S&W and .45 ACP would probably be better options considering they don't gain as much velocity in a rifle as 9mm does. Going by, non boutique .40 and .45 standard pressure ammo is a consistent 70 to 90 fps increase from pistol barrel to rifle barrel, but 9mm is 100 to 150 fps more with 200 fps not unheard of with boutique +P and +P+ 9mm ammo.
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