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If you're talking about defense - in my opinion no, a shotgun is not the answer.

As I get into my late 60's eyesight and strength issues in my hands show up more and more - and while I shoot Skeet and Sporting Clays and am reasonably proficient with a shotgun / in my view a shotgun is a clumsy alternative for defense over a handgun. Most of the experts tell us defense will be most often in the 3 Feet to probably 24 foot range...where a handgun is probably optimal / keeping one hand free if necessary - when you can't do that with a shotgun.

As I've gotten is the most important thing - and I go to the range and practice my Tactical drills a couple times a week now ( draw - and double taps / reload drills - draw fire 2 - reload fire 2 - reload fire 2, etc )...and as I've gotten older I've moved more toward the "shot placement issue" being the most important not, for me, its a full sized 1911 in 9mm...( over anything in .40 s&W or .45 acp ).../ if I want to keep a revolver handy its an N frame S&W in a 4" in .357 mag ( fits my hands better ).../educe recoil, maintain some proficiency in keeping my split times down on my follow up shots - and I do that best with heavier guns with less recoil.

but shotguns, no - not for defense / for fun on clays, yes...( but I shoot way less 12ga now ...and a lot more 28ga / or some gague with 3/4 oz of shot vs in the old days with 1 1/8 oz of 1 oz of reduce fatigue and recoil.
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