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Good info, thanks..

Thanks, I know my dealer has some 375 brass, and I going over there today.

Wow, that's a windfall of info for me... Thanks! The real question mark in my head is resizing to a different caliber is just something I've never done. In fact, I think I've only ever reloaded straight wall cases, 38-55, 45-70, 45 Colt, etc.

Hi, I clicked notify me, on the Natchez site, so when/if they get any brass, they'll let me know. I haven't been able to find any loaded ammo either. If I could, I'd buy a couple or three boxes for sure.

wncchester, Good info, very easy, sounds like to me. So, there's no intermediate process, just get a 350 Rem Mag die set, and re-size. I'm on my way. I thank you folks Very much. Being ignorant isn't gonna be a problem around here, I can see that! This is great.... I can shoot my rifle after all.

Best regards, and big time thanks!
Al Gentry,
Oklahoma, USA
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