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Anyone can screw up. However, I find it disturbing that this butcher would return the gun to you in a screwed-up state and (I presume) hope that you weren't discerning enough to know a bad job when you saw it. After all, you noted that this guy fancies himself a 1911-smith, not some general gunsmithing parts-replacer who got in over his head. Bottom line...this doofus owes you a slide and a refund.

You noted your surprise that this butcher would let his name be associated with such shoddy work. Well, you're doing the very thing that permits him to blow off any such're not NAMING him. On a basic job like the one he botched (as opposed to some complex, intermittent a comp gun malfunctioning from time to time), I would give him ONE chance to make it right. If he blew his chance, then I would objectively describe the problem and lack of resolution on EVERY internet venue available. I'm talking naming NAMES here.


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