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There have been a couple posts about how a primer IF it were to burn, that being up inside the resizing/decapping die makes it so much less hazardous.
well i have never had one go off and have de-primed my share using the press.
IF one were to burn, where it is and the path that they normally fall, well thinking about it, a soft cotton rag resting on top of the catch tray might be a good safety precaution along with the always wearing eye protection.
Of course some presses have a much better used primer catch system where they go through the bench to a tray or canister.
What is that old saying about fun and games???
And I have had a number of primers burn while seating with the old Lee hand tools and they just are not big bangers like the Battery cup shot shell primers.
I had one of them go bang and that, being so very un-expected made me jump!
And as for reusing those primers, i did have a miss fire and that lot of reloads was marked recycled primers and when i pulled the bullet the primer hadn't burned.
As for popping primers in your gun just to render them safe, well i did that only once with just a couple and never again. They leave a lot of soot!!!
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