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One of the biggest dis-services done by movies, TV and video games is "teaching" people the wrong things about the sound of gunfire, and especially in enclosed spaces.

All kinds of weapons, piatols, shotguns, rifles, and up through grenades and other explosives are fired inside rooms, hallways, CARS! and other enclosed spaces and then right afterwards the ACTORS (none of whom is ever wearing hearing protection) have conversations in normal tones of voice, or sometimes even whisper, and are perfectly understood. NO ONE goes deaf (even temporarily) which is not what happens in the real world. Not even close.

Suppressors would seem an obvious solution, but they're costly, not legal everywhere, and if you find a prosecutor who won't claim the reason you have a "silencer" on your gun is so you can commit murder and get away with it, then you've found a rare individual in that office.

Also, putting on muffs or earplugs is likewise used as "evidence" of premeditation, and that argument is used to negate "self defense" all too often in court.

remember that no matter how it is officially described, the real function of a jury is to decide which side has the better liar in court.....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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