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Originally Posted by Mulebuk Mojo View Post
I roll my own because there are no factory made loads I can handle. I got the math down to a science for myself. I know what pound force and recoil impulse I can tolerate. And even in my prime I could never handle factory buckshot.

You're way off about the free lunch, if I was a better shot I would shoot .223/5.56 there's hardly any recoil and those rounds will take down anything if you are a marksman's and most aren't.
Most who shoot it is princely because it has low recoil.

The key is just speed, think Bruce Lee at a 125 pounds soaking wet.

I have both full size rifles and SBRs in 5.56. There is still recoil. Is it a lot? What is a lot? Is it the same as my 03-A3 in 30-06? Not at all, but there is still recoil and concussion there that a person will notice. You still need to have technique to control it and shoot it well.

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