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Originally Posted by FireForged View Post
If you do not accept how easy it is for things to get all upside down in lone self defense action, I cant probably cant explain it.

People do not train in weapons retention techniques because CQB is a ballet, its not. A guy with a rifle is not magically protected from a physical struggle by virtue of the fact that he is armed. A guy with a rifle and bayonet never got knocked down, disarmed or overpowered, right? People mess up, people are sometimes out matched, out maneuvered, out numbered, ambushed and a million other things. We are human, it happens. A person can either take steps to mitigate the potential for such a dilemma or not. I accept that fighting is risky business and I simply try to eliminate a much unnecessary difficulties which might also allow me to exploit certain conditions in my own favor.
Explain a situation where this would likely happen. Some guy trying to clear a building with multiple rooms?
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