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reynolds357 wrote:

I can live with the drop. I am wondering if the Grand Slam is still a tough bullet. I used to love them in 7mm, but I read somewhere that Speer changed them so they could make them much cheaper and in doing so made them a much lower quality bullet. Not sure if thats true.
I have heard that they cheapened the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, but it is still a tough bullet.

I am not remembering a lot about the story, but I thought that they went from a 2 core bullet to a one core, and that may have been the Grand Slam.

I used both of those plus a lot of HotCors but over the years they got hard to find so I switched to Nosler and Cutting Edge, with a few Woodleigh in the mix. Sadly, Woodleigh doesn't make 25 caliber, at least the last time I checked.
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