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Originally Posted by shafter View Post
So let's look at this from another angle. What happens when the three individuals you encountered get inside your personal space and start giving you a hard time? Maybe one gives you a small push but nothing life threatening. You can't just shoot them for it, and as you said, you're an old guy without much fighting ability left so how are you going to resolve that?

No one likes the feeling of others having control over their lives but if you end up shooting someone you shouldn't have then every waking moment of the rest of your life will be dictated to you. In prison.
Shafter, I'm afraid to actually say what I am about to say, but in the state of Texas many things can constitute a weapon. I never wanted to say this but I have been in law enforcement, around law enforcement, and taught law enforcement since late 70's. Presently I teach at a Texas college. If I were assaulted by these three, at my age, this would constitute a weapon in itself. A simple push or shove or making fun is not grounds. But if it broke out into stealing my property, an assault that escalated to the point where I feared for my life just from being overcome by young people obviously stronger, using fist and feet or whatever than yes lethal force is justified. Remember, feet and hands are listed as a weapon. People are beat to death every day. In my situation deadly force was not justified. Had he swung the bottle I would have dropped him. Also, you are taught when dealing with weapons you never want to be out done so to speak. In other words if he raises his hands you raise a stick, if he raises a stick you raise a gun and so on. I once saw a man here in Texas take his belt off that had a big rodeo buckle and start swinging it. The other guy pulled a pistol and killed him. The man was not charged.
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