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Don't take any firearms, and don't take any ammunition of any sort.
The odds of being arrested are higher than the odds of needing to defend yourself.
Carry a heavy cane and limp if you have to.

Slung shot is shot "slung" (fired) from a sling. Think David and Goliath, that kind of sling (or a staff sling), and is entirely capable of being lethal.
That's not even close.
"Slung shot" is a weight on a "sling" that can be used as a striking weapon similar to a mace:
A slungshot is a maritime tool consisting of a weight, or "shot," affixed to the end of a long cord often by being wound into the center of a knot called a "monkey's fist." It is used to cast line from one location to another, often mooring line.

The cord end is tied to the heavier line and the weighted end of the slungshot is thrown across the intervening space where a person picks it up and pulls the line across.

The slungshot was often used as a civilian or improvised weapon; however, the rope was much shorter for use as a weapon. The cord is tied around the wrist, and the weight is carried in the hand or the pocket of the user. A slungshot may be swung in a manner similar to that of a flail.

Abraham Lincoln's most notable criminal trial occurred in 1858 when he successfully defended "Duff" Armstrong, on a charge of killing another with a slung shot.

They were widely used by criminals and street gang members in the 19th century as they had the advantage of being easy to make, silent, and very effective, particularly against an unsuspecting opponent.

This gave them a dubious reputation, similar to that of switchblade knives in the 1950s, and they were outlawed in many jurisdictions. The use as a criminal weapon continued at least up until the early 1920s.[1]
One shot, one kill
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