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First tests.

Well I got the VTR out to the range with mixed results the first time. Need to get comfortable on the trigger and the rifle in general. Had a my zero a full revolution off on the wrong come-up line so I was 14" off at 100 yards... whoops. After figuring that out I was able to start hitting 3" groups with Remington Core 150, Winchester Sup-X 150 and Herters FMJ 150. Not too impressive but I was getting worn down from the first time shooting both from anxiety and recoil.

Last night I shot at a friends with some more of the Remington, Herters, Winchester and bought some "better" Fusion 165gr. After getting more relaxed I touched 3 holes at 100 yards with the Fusion and then touched with my fourth shot using Remington. I can say I love this rifle and as I improve as a shooter it's only going to get better.

Thanks again for all the feedback everybody. Your passion for the sport is amazing!
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