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PawPaw: I filed off the little stop bar so that the handle now rotates all the way up. At first I thought it had worked. I would get five consistent charges in a row, then I'd suddenly have one that was half a grain heavier. For example, I was getting charges measuring 4.6 grains, then I'd have several at 5 or 5.1. Then maybe it would drop to 4.4 for a while. Just no consistency.

As for the suggestion that I try rubbing everything with graphite, I might try it if I can find some. But the Lee manual says that running several hoppers of powder through the measure should do the same thing, and I've now put about five hoppers of powder through the !$%#&! POS.

Anyway, thanks for the help JaguarXK120 and PawPaw.

I'm going to give it a rest now. I've got a headache from messing with this for the past four hours.
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