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Good grief, I hate politics.

Many others have stated this already, and I want to repeat it. There are way more important things on the plate of our elected officials than gun control at this point. I don't mean to make light of our constitutional RKBA, as it is very important to me, but I am actually more worried about our countries economic future than anything.

With this being said, if any of the czars came up with a back door way to make purchasing firearms or ammunition more inconvenient I don't doubt that our president would sign off on it. As others have said, we must remain vigilant. I do think supreme court appointments are an important issue and we shouldn't make light of this. You never can tell how an SCOTUS justice will vote, but Sotomayor has certainly been pretty predictable thus far. The damage is limited in that the legislative branch of government is split between two parties. Checks and balances (or partisan bickering) at it's finest.

Really, my biggest concern is whether or not the price of firearms skyrockets or not. In addition, I would really love for ammo and components to not be as scarce as they were in late '08 and most of '09. That would be nice. It's really not that real. There's no need to hoard. Not a bad idea to keep a decent supply on hand, but you don't need a lifetime supply of practice ammo on hand.
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